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As Funeral Service Professionals, we recognise our Families have only one opportunity to honour and respect the wishes of their loved one at a most difficult time.  We regard viewing and spending time with a loved one at their home, at the funeral home or other place of choice prior to their funeral, as the most personal way to say “Goodbye”, however, we at all times fully respect the personal wishes of the Deceased and their Family throughout the arrangement process.

We deem it necessary to provide a “holistic” care service, one which fulfills every need and request made by the deceased and their family in our endeavour to assist the provision of contenting last memories.

einzelne Rose mit KerzeOur funeral service experience also confirms our belief in the importance and values associated with viewing, visiting and spending time with a loved one prior to their funeral as instrumental in assisting family and friends to face the reality of their loss.  In doing so, this undoubtedly offers a greater hope of entering the grief process with positivity, in bringing closure and in reaching acceptance of their life change.

In committing to what we believe is a very important aspect of our service, we are pleased to offer a 24 Hour Professional Embalming Service to care for your Loved One after their passing.

All care aspects are undertaken by a fully qualified and experienced Embalming Practitioner who is a registered member of “The British Institute of Embalmers” (A Professional Organisation for Student and Qualified Embalmers).

When death occurs secondary to an accident, other tragic circumstance, a disfiguring disease process or following an operation, viewing and visitation of a Loved One may still be possible.

Our Embalmer has undertaken additional specialist training in this area and is able to offer our Families a Specialist care service in such circumstances.

What is Embalming?

Embalming is the process of chemically treating the human body after death:

Embalming is not required by law, however, it is considered the most desirable method for preparation of the body.

Our Embalmer will undertake all aspects of care for your Loved One, including Hairdressing, Application of Cosmetics (if desired), Manicure, Pedicure or any other special request made with regard to personal care, dressing and presentation.

What are the Benefits of Embalming?

For your information:

Why Is It Important To Have a Final Viewing of Your Loved One on Their Passing?

Please do not hesitate to speak with us should you require any further clarification of the information provided