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Andrew Milne

Andrew Milne

Ian’s youngest son, Andrew, joined the business on a full-time basis in 2012 and is highly enthusiastic and motivated to develop his personal expertise and experience as a Funeral Director. He is currently a director in Milne Funeral Services Ltd with personal responsibility for all financial and governance issues and was the driving force behind the expansion into Banbridge.

Ian Milne and Sons - Funeral Directors

Ian Milne M. S. Sc.

Ian is the son of Bobby Milne and nephew of the late Jack, both of whom were famous railway men in Portadown.

In 1989 Ian was awarded his Diploma in Funeral Directing, undertaken through the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), and is a current member of the Association. Ian is also a member of the NAFD Committee on Funerals and Bereavement in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

He is a former Chairman of The British Institute of Funeral Directors in this region. He is also personally involved in many Community Initiatives and has spoken widely on the subject of “Conflict Resolution”. Ian has received his Degree in Work based Learning and Mediation.

Ian was recently the subject of a portrait by Susan Hughes as part of the exhibition “Quiet Peace Makers”, a pictorial study of 33 people from Northern Ireland who throughout the troubles and still in the present day try to make a difference.

June Black

June Seifert

June is the receptionist in the Portadown office, having been with Milne Funeral Services Ltd for over 12 years. June manages the administrative requirements for the business including Sage accounts and billing. She is also a member of Griefshare, a voluntary group committed to helping and supporting people through their time of loss and need.

Olive Summerville

Olive Summerville

Olive has been with the business for 15 years. Her current role involves the management of charitable donations made in memory of loved ones. She is well known in the local community and is a long-standing member of St Columbus Parish Church where she is currently one of the organisers of the Senior Citizens group. She is also the chair person of the Metal box association.

Eleanor McGarrity

Jane Stewart & Caroline Ledlie

Jane Stewart (Seated) and Caroline Ledlie are the receptionists in the new Banbridge office. Both are prominent church members in the area and are well known in the community.


We are a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). NAFD has been helping Funeral Directors care for the bereaved since 1905 and is the longest established association within the profession. The National Association of Funeral Directors’ Code of Practice, with which all Funeral Business Members must comply, has been established for over 20 years.
For further information, visit the NAFD site.

Community Service

At Milne Funeral Services we feel a strong moral and social responsibility to the communities which we serve, Accordingly we develop and promote community initiatives such as “Deadly Serious About Cars,” an event designed to decrease the death rate of young drivers and “Leaving You Home Tonight,” an anti-drink driving initiative, in partnership with the PSNI.

As well as sponsoring local bowling, football, youth activities, church events, fetes and other community-based activities, we also provide talks to interested groups. One of the most popular and frequently requested of these is our talk on “Faiths, Funerals, Customs and Christians,” a light hearted trip through many countries and religious beliefs around the world.