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Direct Cremation

Affordable, direct cremation plans without the worry
Prepaid plans to say goodbye, your way

Direct cremations let your family and friends celebrate your life in their own way.

We’ll collect you and take you into our safe care and make all the arrangements for the cremation. Then, we can return your cremated remains to your family or scatter them in your crematorium’s garden of remembrance – it’s your choice.

Starting at £1,900

Our prepaid direct cremation plans start at just £1,900, with your money being protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, for absolute peace of mind.

How it Works?

1. Collection

We’ll collect you and take you into our care.

2. The Cremation

We’ll make all arrangements and transport you to the crematorium.

3. Delivery of Ashes

We’ll hand deliver your ashes to your loved ones or scatter them in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct cremation is the name for an unattended cremation with no attached funeral service or ceremony.

A direct cremation involves being collected and taken into our care, transportation to the crematorium, and then the ashes being delivered to your loved ones or scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance.

A direct cremation is generally a lower cost than a traditional funeral as the process is simpler with fewer arrangements to make.

The best prepaid cremation plan is the one that best fits your needs and wishes. It is however important to ensure that the plan is arranged by an FCA authorised and regulated provider.

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