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Milne Funeral Services Repatriation

A repatriation is organised when a person who has died is to travel to another country for their funeral.

This can be in the unfortunate event of a sudden death when on holiday or working abroad, or may be for someone who has lived abroad for many years but wishes to be buried in their native country. We offer a comprehensive repatriation service that includes all necessary documentation, transportation, and coordination with local authorities and consulates.

We are proud to work closely with Euro City Direct and are their appointed partner for the Island of Ireland. Find out more about their great work here…. https://www.ecdinternational.co.uk/

“Organising a repatriation brings great comfort to the loved ones and community of a person who dies abroad, in the past twenty four years I have arranged for people from local towns to be brought home form places as close as Dublin and London, and as far away as China, India and the United States of America. We also are involved in assisting people who live and work in Northern Ireland but are originally from various countries to be brought home after death, our community in Craigavon especially is very diverse and we often assist people originating from countries such as Poland, Portugal and Bulgaria.”

Milne Funeral Services - Ian Milne

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