Headstones & Graveworks

We offer a range of traditional and custom made Headstones and grave surrounds, as well as refurbishing older graves by repainting letters, re building damaged graves, adding new stone chippings and regular grave maintenance.

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Headstones are made in many shapes, sizes and colours, please contact Stuart if there is a style you would like to discuss.

“A headstone provides a focus for personal memories. That’s why we aim to provide the finest quality craftsmanship.” says Stuart Milne, Memorials Manager since 2024


Below are some examples of headstones we supply, however many more for are available through our contacts world wide.




St Albans

Carved Lilly Indian Aura

Carved Rose Indian Aura

Fisherman Blue Lagoon

Angel Rose

Teddy Blue Lagoon

Butterflies & Rainbow Blue Lagoon

Natural Edge

Patrick's cross Indian Aura

Windsor headstone with square surround

Celtic cross with double base

Scriven headstone with double surround

Double Westminster

Vases, Markers and Lanterns

Splayed Vase

Open Book Vase

Square Vase

Vase Splayed

Vase LFC

Vase NI

Vase Poppy

Vase Rose

Vase Tulip

Grave Lantern

Grave Spray (red)

Grave Christmas Spray

Stones and coloured glass

Black Pebbles Grave

Grey Granite

White Chipping

Sea Blue Chipping

Repairs and Refresh Lettering

Headstone Restore

Headstone Restore

Headstone Restore

Headstone Restore

Refresh Lettering

Refresh Lettering

Refresh Lettering

Refresh Lettering

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